About this tour

Spend a day full of culture and religion, Visit the most amazing three temples around Khao Lak and get insight into a Buddhist’s belief.

Experience a whole day full of culture, religion, sightseeing, sounds and flavours… Visit together with us the three most important, most delightful and most interesting temples in the province of Phang Nga.

Explore the enchanting trilogy of temples on our Khao Lak tour

  1. Dragon Cave Temple: Marvel at the awe-inspiring limestone cave where resident monks create local herbal medicine, renowned for its cholesterol-lowering properties.

  2. Bang Rieng Pagoda Temple: Nestled on the mountainside, this temple seamlessly blends Thai, Chinese, and Jedi architectural styles. Enjoy panoramic views and witness a unique relic – a preserved tooth of Buddha housed in a sacred shrine.

  3. Manisii Maha Tat Temple: Unforgettable sights await with a colossal statue of the revered monk Por Than Klai and an exquisite main temple building.

As part of this journey, we’ll pause at a picturesque local restaurant nestled by a river and mangrove jungle. Indulge in the flavors of Thailand with a delectable array of dishes.

Important Note: To enter the temples, a dress code must be observed. Avoid shorts or sleeveless tops. Both men and women are required to cover knees and shoulders. Failure to comply with these dress guidelines may result in denied entry to the temples.