About this tour

You want to meet the gently giants knowing the elephants are treated good – Then you should visit the Elephant Welfare Centre with us!

Khao Lak Elephant bathing at the Welfare Centre

Experience Elephant Bathing at the Khao Lak Welfare Centre

Our convenient pick-up service will collect you directly from your hotel with one of our comfortable, air-conditioned minivans. We’ll then transfer you to an elephant camp certified for animal welfare.

At the welfare centre, you’ll have the unique opportunity to observe Asian elephants in their natural habitat, witnessing their interactions with fellow elephants. Along the way, our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights into the lives of these incredible creatures.

Before taking a refreshing dip with the elephants, you can delight your bathing partner by feeding her bananas. Remember to bring your bathing clothes because, once in the river with these majestic giants, staying dry is not an option.

Enjoy playful moments as you splash around and cuddle up to the elephants – the key is ensuring both you and the elephants have an unforgettable time. Please note that, in accordance with animal welfare guidelines, sitting or riding on the elephants is not permitted.