About this tour

Enjoy Khao Lak Safari experience. A mix of adventure and relaxation. Nature and animals. elephant bathing (no riding), rafting and much more. Are you ready?

Khao Lak Nature safari:

Explore Khao Lak’s Beauty and Relax with Our Nature Safari

If you’re eager to uncover the treasures of Khao Lak and its surroundings while enjoying moments of relaxation, our Nature Safari is the perfect choice. This comprehensive adventure includes visits to a waterfall, temple, turtle conservation center, Tsunami Memorial Police Boat 813, and promises an array of water fun and encounters with both wild and protected animals.

Begin your journey by visiting the Tsunami Memorial Boat 813, a Thai military vessel brought inland by the 2004 catastrophe. Gain insights into the tragic events of that day while exploring this poignant memorial.

Embark on a refreshing ride on traditional bamboo rafts along the river, the oldest mode of Thai transportation. Keep a keen eye on your paddler, who might point out wildlife like snakes, monkeys, spiders, and monitor lizards sleeping in the branches above.

Next, discover the Queen Turtle Conservation Center project in the military area, where turtles are protected and cared for before being released into the wild.

Take a break to relax near a refreshing waterfall and indulge in a delicious Thai lunch to recharge your energies.

Following lunch, a visit to a traditional temple awaits, providing a brief introduction to Buddhism. Explore Chinese prophecies and partake in a few other rituals surrounded by the serene tropical setting.

Immerse yourself in a unique elephant experience, spending approximately 30 minutes bathing with these majestic creatures. Please note that we prioritize elephant welfare, and riding on elephants is not part of our program.

Our Nature Safari is carefully curated to showcase the highlights of Khao Lak, offering a blend of adventure and relaxation. Make this day one of your best in southern Thailand with a colorful program designed to cater to your interests and create lasting memories.

Note: Starting from November 1, 2018, all our elephant programs will focus on elephant bathing without riding. The elephant camps we collaborate with are certified by animal welfare organizations. We appreciate your understanding as we update our website and brochure accordingly.