About this tour

If you are seeking for new experiences, adventure, amazing nature and wild animals Khao Sok National Park is the right place to be. We invite you to explore it with us. 3 days far from civilisation.

Khao Sok 3 Days – Rainforest explorer

Discover the unspoiled wonders of nature, far from the hustle of civilization, through our Khao Sok Lake wildlife overnight tour on Cheow Lan Lake, nestled in the heart of the rainforest. Immerse yourself in prime opportunities to encounter diverse wildlife.

Experience the magic of overnight stays in quaint bamboo huts, illuminated solely by the celestial night sky. Marvel at the captivating scenes of towering limestone formations and the mystical realm of sunken tree trunks during daylight.

Embark on a longtail boat adventure to the secluded corners of the jungle, where wild elephants, bos gaurus, and gibbons thrive. Follow a local ranger on a jungle trek to uncover traces of the wildlife spotted the previous evening.

Escape into nature for two days and relish the beauty of the untouched surroundings. We provide convenient hotel pickups, heading straight to Khao Sok National Park. The scenic longtail boat journey across Cheow Lan Lake takes you to the Bamboo Raft Houses. After check-in, indulge in an authentic Thai lunch, followed by an afternoon wildlife safari by longtail boat.

Stay alert for wildlife sightings. A night safari by boat is scheduled post-dinner. Rest for an early start the next day, kicking off with a wildlife expedition by longtail boat.

Recharge with a hearty breakfast for an authentic jungle trek guided by an experienced local, immersing yourself in the symphony of jungle sounds. After a satisfying lunch, cruise back to your hotel, soaking in the diverse landscape of Khao Sok.