About this tour

Khao Sok Lake and Rainforest Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating day tour to explore the enchanting landscapes of Khao Sok Lake, limestone cliffs, and the lush rainforest. Led by experienced rangers, this adventure promises an unforgettable journey into a scenery reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

Rajjaprabha Dam and Cheow Lan Lake Exploration: Our journey begins at the Rajjaprabha Dam, setting the stage for an incredible long-tail boat ride on the stunning Cheow Lan Lake. Marvel at the dramatic backdrop of high-rising limestone cliffs and the vibrant green hues of the rainforest, creating an idyllic atmosphere. The vast expanse of the lake adds to the awe-inspiring panorama.

Jungle Trek and Cave Exploration: A one-to-two-hour trek, guided by our experienced tour guide, delves deep into the heart of the jungle. Discover the wonders of this lush environment, where each step unveils the rich biodiversity of the rainforest. Later, explore one of the many caves, adorned with mesmerizing stalactites and stalagmites, creating a surreal underground world.

Delicious Lunch at Bamboo Raft Houses: Recharge your energy with a delightful lunch at the restaurant nestled on the bamboo raft houses amidst the lake. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and take advantage of some free time to swim and relax, soaking in the tranquility of this unique location.

Return to the Pier: As the adventure concludes, we return to the pier, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey back.

Important Note: Please be aware that the condition of your clothes and shoes may be affected depending on the water level of the lake, weather conditions, and the season. Prepare for the possibility of getting dirty as you embrace the natural elements during this immersive experience.