About this tour

Off-Road Safari Adventure: Explore the Untouched Wilderness

If you’re seeking a break from the ordinary tours, join us for an extraordinary adventure exploring remote, untouched, and captivating places in your local area with our Off-Road Safari.

Pickup and Four-Wheel Drive Excursion: Your journey begins as we pick you up at your hotel in our robust four-wheel-drive vehicle. Our destination is the Phutajor National Park, just south of Khao Sok, a mountainous rainforest area reaching at least 600 meters in altitude. Inhabited by giant squirrels, monkeys, wild cats, and other extraordinary animals, this hidden gem promises an immersive nature experience. With a small group size, we ensure an intimate and undisturbed exploration of this remarkable terrain.

Jeep Cruise and Nature Discovery: Sit back and relax during the jeep cruise, taking in panoramic views as different landscapes unfold. Our skilled driver navigates through rough terrain, leading us to a rushing waterfall through a 15-minute jungle walk. The sounds of the jungle, encounters with wildlife, and the sheer beauty of nature become a vivid reality. A break in a local restaurant offers a chance to savor delicious Thai food and recharge for the next part of our adventure.

Canoeing Through Mangrove Forests: Embark on a guided canoeing tour through the enchanting mangrove forests. Paddled by your guide, experience the tranquility of the lush greenery, encountering wild monkeys and monitor lizards. Immerse yourself in the absolute silence of this natural labyrinth.

Cultural Insight at the Temple: As the day winds down, we visit a local temple to gain a small cultural impression. The Buddha statue in the temple provides a picturesque backdrop for a memorable photo, concluding our day on a serene note.

Rediscover the Joy of Simplicity: Throughout the tour, you’ll find that happiness is often found in the simple moments. Return to your hotel with a heart full of memories from a day spent exploring the untouched wilderness of your local area.